CoolMe® Towel Keeping You Cool During Sports & Gym

When The Heat Is On

Your body has its own natural cooling system but intense workouts, and working out in hot weather can leave your body struggling to cool down. Keeping your body temperature down is vital for avoiding heat cramps, and symptoms of heat exhaustion. Without enough blood flow the heart is unable to pump as much oxygenated blood back to your muscles, which potentially impacts your performance.

Want Peak Performance? Keep Your Cool!

Our CoolMe® towel is another tool in your arsenal to help keep your body temperature down and maintain your best performance.

Suitable for all sports and occasions when you need to cool down. Whether you’re running a marathon, out for an energetic walk, on the mat at yoga, or tearing up the tennis court. The CoolMe® towel will ease the sweating, and bring your body temperature back down, giving you that extra boost to keep going.

At the gym, or when your fitness routine takes you outside, CoolMe® is the perfect addition to your kit bag. Helping you beat the sweat, and keep cool when you need it most. For outdoor use, this cool towel provides a UPF 50 sun protection factor for extra peace of mind.

CoolMe® is perfect for easing aches and pains. After a long day of walking, place the cooling towel on hot, aching feet to instantly soothe and relieve tired toes.

The CoolMe® towel measures 100 x 30cm and is an essential addition to any kit bag, golf bag or handbag.

CoolMe® is lightweight and is supplied in its own handy mesh storage pouch (17x16cm) so is perfect to pack.


Four Steps To Your Best Performance:

1. Wet your cooling towel

Completely immerse the CoolMe® towel in warm or cold water. Under a tap, in the swimming pool, or the sea. Any water will work.

2. Wring it out

Wring the CoolMe® towel out, removing all the excess water.

3. Shake or snap

Give the CoolMe® a good shake, or snap in the air. This action will activate the cooling technology.

4. The cool down

Place the towel on the area of your body that is overheating. Feel the cooling effects instantly!


How Does CoolMe® Towel Work?

When the CoolMe® towel is wet the moisture is evenly distributed throughout the material. The CoolMe®’s unique fabric construction combined with shaking it in the air activates the cooling process. Shaking the towel circulates the retained moisture, which starts the regulated evaporation. This “magic” keeps the towel cool.

Made from a lightweight, chemical-free fabric, the CoolMe® CoolMe towel is soft and feels gentle on your skin. Pop your CoolMe® towel in the wash after use and it’s ready for your next workout. Reuse it time after time by putting it in your washing machine, making it super hygienic. The CoolMe® towel will never wash out.

Choose from 5 fabulous colours to match your sportswear: Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Orange

CoolMe® is a highly effective solution to aid cooling when you need to give your best performance.


CoolMe® towel user David Robey pictured with Davin Knudsen the PGA professional, at Finchley Golf Club.

“I played  30 holes and was out for much more than 4 hours. It stayed cool and refreshing for the whole competition. Great product. This will now be part of my golf kit for sure.”

David Robey

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