CoolMe® Towel Keeping You Cool During Menopause

The Menopause Meltdown

According to the NHS, 8 in 10 women will experience menopausal symptoms either pre or during the menopause. One of the most common symptoms of menopause is hot flushes. As many as 85% of women experience the dreaded hot flushes, so if it feels like a raging inferno is taking place, you certainly aren’t alone in experiencing this. These unexpected feelings of heat often start on the face and chest, spreading across the whole body, accompanied by profuse sweating. This soar in body temperature and excess sweating can leave you feeling self conscious, stressed, anxious, and frankly downright miserable.

Keeping Your Cool

The CoolMe® towel is a lifesaver when the menopausal hot flushes strike. This innovative cooling towel turns cold instantly and stays cool for hours. Simply hold the towel against your head, chest, shoulders – or any area of the body where you are overheating. Feel the instant cooling effect! Helping to ease the hot flushes, reduce your body temperature, and restore a sense of calm.

How Do Cooling Towels Work?

When the CoolMe® towel is wet the moisture is evenly distributed throughout the material. The CoolMe®’s unique fabric construction combined with shaking it in the air activates the cooling process. Shaking the towel circulates the retained moisture, which starts the regulated evaporation. This “magic” keeps the towel cool.


Four Steps To Easing Those Hot Flushes:

1. Wet your cooling towel

Completely immerse the CoolMe® towel in warm or cold water. Under a tap, in the swimming pool, or the sea. Any water will work.

2. Wring it out

Wring the CoolMe® towel out, removing all the excess water.

3. Shake or snap

Give the CoolMe® a good shake, or snap in the air. This action will activate the cooling technology.

4. The cool down

Place the towel on the area of your body that is burning up. Feel the cooling effects instantly. Bliss!

Lightweight and with a handy carry pouch, the CoolMe® towel measures 100 x 30cm, it’s super portable. Keep this cooling menopause towel in your handbag, ready to whip out when a hot flush strikes, giving you the confidence to carry on with your day.


Night Time Relief

Night sweats are another common symptom during the menopause. A raging body temperature leaves you hot and bothered, tossing and turning, and unable to sleep properly. This of course impacts on the daytime, leaving you feeling tired and irritable and unable to function effectively. Take the CoolMe® to bed for instant relief from the night sweating and a fresher, more soothing night’s sleep.

Made from a lightweight, chemical-free fabric, the CoolMe® towel is soft and feels gentle on your skin. Reuse it time after time, the CoolMe® towel will never wash out. It’s also machine washable making it super hygienic. Just pop it in the wash after use and it’s ready to go again.

Choose from 5 fabulous colours: Pink, Blue, Grey, Green, Orange

When the temperature is turned up, the CoolMe® towel brings rapid cooling relief.


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