Instant Cooling Towels

  • Keeps cool for up to 4 hours after activation
  • Perfect for sports and outdoor activities
  • Ideal for use in hot environments
  • 98% UV blocking, 50+ UV protection index
  • 100 x 30cm
  • Machine washable
  • Available in 5 colours
  • Supplied with ventilated storage bag

What is CoolMe™?

CoolMe™ are instant cooling towels that, once activated, last up to four hours. They remain cool, but are dry to touch.

This amazing technology make CoolMe™ towels perfect for use in sport, on holiday, if you have a fever or hot spell, or for refreshment when commuting. They are 100% chemical free and are made from cooling Nylon and Polyester. Our CoolMe™ towels come in a range of 5 vibrant colours.

How do you use CoolMe™?

1. SoakMe

Soak the towel using hot or cold water

2. WringMe

Wring out the water

3. SnapMe

Shake or snap the towel by holding both ends for 15-20 seconds

4. UseMe!

And cool down, instantly.

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